Helping Adults, Young People and Children

Helping Adults, Young People and Children

Helping Adults, Young People and Children

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Our Clinical Psychologists provide care for the whole family. Each Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist provides treatment for adults, adolescents or children. We have offices in Armadale and Beaumaris as well as video sessions. Our offices are confidential and inviting spaces with garden views and natural light. We have created a setting that is healing and therapeutic so that our Clinical Psychologists can provide the best evidence-based treatment and an individualised approach that will suit you. You can book online for an appointment tomorrow. For an appointment today please phone 1300 635 952 and we may be able to arrange a same-day appointment for you.



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We see children for anxiety, depression and behaviour problems. We can also assist with temper tantrums, separation anxiety, OCD, school readiness and school refusal and provide cognitive / educational assessments.

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Adolescents and young people can experience a range of social, emotional and learning concerns. We can assist with navigating school, social and family relationships and help with relieving symptoms and enhancing overall well being.

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We work with you to gain understanding and relief from a range of concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and eating disorders. We can also assist with relationships, managing life changes and skills to enhance well being.

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The challenges of parenting can happen before birth. We can help with pre and post natal support as well as during infancy, childhood and the teenage years.

Employee Assistance Program

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Delivered by Clinical Psychologists:

Expertise – Experience – Results


An Employee Assistance Program can make the difference for an organisation in navigating this extraordinary and unprecedented time whilst protecting the safety and wellbeing of your staff. Schools, Medical and Healthcare organisations, small businesses and enterprises can feel supported, reduce stress and begin to thrive as they work at home, or in changed workplaces.

MCCP is staffed by Clinical Psychologists only. This means that we ensure that your staff receive support that is delivered by psychologists with the highest level of education and training available. This translates to effective and efficient sessions so that you reap the benefits of a productive and psychologically resilient workforce.

Sessions are available Monday – Saturday, as well as after hours. We ensure there is no waiting list and can organise an appointment the same day or following day. All sessions are online so this means more flexibility for your staff as well as ensuring health and safety.

Sessions focus on: boosting morale, motivation and energy for productivity, and enhancing concentration, memory and decision making during stress. We can also assist common concerns that can escalate at times of stress: depression, worry, anxiety and insomnia.

Staff and their immediate family members can benefit from a package of EAP sessions that are delivered via HIPAA compliant video-conferencing right now. Phone us now to discuss how EAP can benefit your organisation and your staff now.

Telehealth / Online / Telephone Sessions

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Supporting you at home during COVID-19



Our priority is the safety and well-being of our clients during this challenging time so your session can be conducted via high quality telehealth. Some of our Psychologists are providing face to face sessions if required, with increased hygiene protocols in place. Psychology sessions are considered an essential service by the Government. If you or your Psychologist have respiratory symptoms then we request the session to be conducted via telehealth.

We send you a link via Zoom Health (secure and confidential video-conferencing platform). There is no need to download an app as the video session will open in your browser on your phone, computer or tablet. We can also arrange a phone consultation. Medicare rebates continue to apply to telehealth sessions and we process the rebates online for your convenience.

Adults like the accessibility and the ease of use. Children and adolescents find online sessions fun and engaging. We use a whiteboard to share notes and we can have half the session with you and half with your child to maintain interest.

We are monitoring events closely so that our response is both timely and appropriate. We are taking advice from the Australian Psychological Society, Department of Health and Medicare to inform our decision making and will continue to communicate with you to keep you up to date. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact your Psychologist should you have any concerns or questions.




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