Helping Adults, Young People and Children

Helping Adults, Young People and Children

Helping Adults, Young People and Children

 Welcome to Melbourne Clinical & Child Psychology

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Armadale and Beaumaris locations are open Monday – Saturday


We offer a confidential and professional service in a practice setting that is designed for adults, young people and children. We are located in Beaumaris and Armadale and so our clinics are near to you. We understand that it can be difficult to find the right help when thinking about tackling upsetting issues. Our Clinical Psychologists are empathic and supportive and will collaborate with you to achieve your goals using a range of evidence based therapies. At our clinics we have Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Child Psychologists and a Clinical Neuropsychologist working together to provide care for the whole family. You can book online for an appointment tomorrow. For an appointment today please phone 1300 635 952 and we may be able to arrange a same-day appointment for you.




We see children for anxiety, persistent sadness and behaviour concerns. We can also assist with separation anxiety, school readiness and school refusal and provide cognitive / educational assessments.


Adolescents and young people can experience a range of social, emotional and learning concerns. We can assist with navigating school, social and family relationships and help with relieving symptoms and enhancing overall well being.


We work with you to gain understanding and relief from a range of concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and eating disorders. We can also assist with relationships, managing life changes and skills to enhance well being.


The challenges of parenting can happen before birth. We can help with pre and post natal support as well as during infancy, childhood and the teenage years.


Introducing Amanda

Clinical Psychologist (Registrar)

Beaumaris Clinic: Tuesday (3pm-7pm) and Saturday (9am – 1pm)


Amanda is warm, caring and supportive and collaborates with you to develop an individualised approach to treatment. She enjoys working with young people and adults with anxiety, worry, depression and stress. She is welcoming new clients with appointments available within a week. If you are experiencing worry, anxiety, or depression then we encourage you to phone now to discuss how Amanda can support you. Alternatively you can book online by simply clicking Book Online next to Amanda’s profile on Our Psychologists Page.


Intelligence / Educational

Our assessments can assist with the following 

  • problems with reading, writing or maths
  • difficulties with paying attention or concentrating
  • too advanced for the curriculum at school
  • social or behavioural difficulties
  • developmental or neurological conditions 

We are excited to welcome Nicole Stefanac, Child Clinical Neuropsychologist, to the practice. Her specialist knowledge of neuroanatomy and neuropsychology enables her to provide in-depth cognitive assessments that are tailored to the needs of your child. Assessments include: fun and interactive tasks, a session with you, your child and communication with your child’s school. You will receive a report with clear recommendations that are explained during a session. We offer intelligence assessments, educational assessments and comprehensive cognitive / neuropsychological assessments. Please phone now to discuss your child’s needs. 




Mindfulness and Parenting

Now your children are learning mindfulness in the classroom, how can you bring it into the home in really easy ways as a parent? It is challenging to find twenty minutes to meditate every day, and when we do find that time sometimes we are not that sure what to do....

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