Helping Children, Young People and Families

Helping Children, Young People and Families

Helping Children, Young People and Families

Welcome to Melbourne Clinical & Child Psychology

Phone 1300 635 952 for our Armadale and Beaumaris Clinics


We offer a confidential and professional service in a practice setting that is designed for adults, young people and children. We understand that it can be difficult to find the right help when thinking about tackling upsetting issues. Our Clinical Psychologists are empathic and supportive and will collaborate with you to achieve your goals using a range of evidence based therapies. We welcome you to phone 1300 635 952 or email for a discussion regarding your needs and the services we offer.  You can book online or contact us for an appointment time to suit you.




We see children for anxiety, persistent sadness and behaviour concerns. We can also assist with separation anxiety, school readiness and school refusal and provide cognitive / educational assessments.


Adolescents and young people can experience a range of social, emotional and learning concerns. We can assist with navigating school, social and family relationships and help with relieving symptoms and enhancing overall well being.


We work with you to gain understanding and relief from a range of concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and eating disorders. We can also assist with relationships, managing life changes and skills to enhance well being.


The challenges of parenting can happen before birth. We can help with pre and post natal support as well as during infancy, childhood and the teenage years.


New Approaches to Anxiety

Tailored sessions


Anxiety is something that everyone experiences and it’s usually quite helpful. If we are a little anxious it can help us to concentrate or it can help us move out of the way of physical danger. Anxiety can be less helpful if it becomes overwhelming and holds us back from our work, socialising or relationships. More recent developments in clinical research have identified the best strategies to help provide relief from worry, panic and troubling thoughts. Our Clinical Psychologists work with you to understand your individual needs and tailor sessions to suit you. Phone us now on 1300 635 952 to arrange a session and see how this can work for you.

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Empowering Parents of Prem


We have partnered with ReadyStepGrow to offer bulk billed sessions to parents and their children who attend the RSG program. This means that 10 sessions per calendar year can be free of charge with a Mental Health Care Plan.

The sessions do not need to be related to prematurity difficulties or concerns, as they can also be about a parent’s own individual concerns. We can also help in regard to adjustment, parenting, attachment and encouraging development. Please phone or email to discuss your needs.

All appointments will require a referral from your GP or Paediatrician.




Mindfulness and Parenting

Now your children are learning mindfulness in the classroom, how can you bring it into the home in really easy ways as a parent? It is challenging to find twenty minutes to meditate every day, and when we do find that time sometimes we are not that sure what to do.... read more